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Bhargav Sri Prakash

Bhargav Sri Prakash

Founder & CEO of FriendsLearn.

FriendsLearn is a biotech and medical technology company and pioneer of neuropsychology based digital vaccines to prevent lifestyle diseases, in collaboration with researchers from Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital of UPMC, Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas Med Center and Stanford Medical School. The company produces the award winning clinically proven mobile App – fooya! – focused on helping children develop healthier food and lifestyle habits. The methods harness gaming technologies, Virtual Reality frameworks and data science to deliver personalized Behavior Design outcomes, as a result of our innovations based in Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavior Design. Our approaches have been validated through randomized-controlled clinical trials were undertaken by multiple groups of independent researchers, such as: Baylor College of Medicine’s Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Bernard Harris Foundation-Kaiser Permanente Medical Group during the ExxonMobil Summer Science Camp and the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, which have been peer reviewed and presented at leading medical conferences such as JHU-UNICEF Intl Summit on Social Behavior Change Comm, MedicineX Stanford Medical School, ObesityWeek, Childhood Obesity Conf, SCECR, CHITA, POMS, INFORMS, iEEE Health, 16th World Congress on Medical Informatics. 


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