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Kent Kemmish

Kent Kemmish

CEO and Founder of Molecular Reality Corporation.

Kent Kemmish is the CEO and founder of the MR Games console, a biotech startup building a nanopore-based molecular sensor (the demonpore 64) marketed and designed as a gaming console.  His early scientific training includes drosophila research (Arizona Cancer Center) and finding enzymes to break down age-related aggregates as part of Aubrey de Grey’s LysoSENS project (work done at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University).  He went on to be part of the founding team of Halcyon Molecular, a VC-backed startup developing electron microscopy-based DNA sequencing techniques, and later helped recruit the early team of Synthego, Inc, a biotech unicorn and now a premiere supplier of CRISPR reagents.  Before becoming a scientist, Kent’s unusual background included live theatre production as part of the team at Planet Earth Multicultural Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, where as technical director he was involved as a director, actor, writing, and stage manager in more than 50 live stage productions of multicultural, postmodern, boundary-pushing, critically-acclaimed theatrical performances.  As a child, Kent’s whole life revolved around programming video games for the commodore 64, a passion he is now revisiting 35 years later helping design “molecular games” for the demonpore 64.


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