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Shovon Saha

Shovon Saha

Design Team Lead & Product Developer at Bioforge Health | MIT Solver | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award Recipient

Shovon S Saha is a full-stack embedded systems developer that turns product ideas into reality.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2020 specializing in Robotics. While pursuing his degree he also taught Robitics to beginners at the American Center U.S. Embassy Annex and local startups, Adama Robotics and Wizkit. During COVID-19 pandemic, he was involved in bringing complex products to life that were cheaper to make without sacrificing the functionalities that impacted thousands of lives in Bangladesh. His works range in the fields of biomedical, IOT and robotics.

He’s currently the Design Team Lead and Product Developer of Bioforge Health Systems Limited; a biomedical hardware and software company, dedicated to support hospitals and doctors deliver effective and precision healthcare using innovative technology.

His team at Bioforge was recently crowned for MIT Solve 2020 for a innovative Neonatal Incubator that can save vulnerable and at-risk newborn babies at a fraction of cost.

Their incubator is now backed up by both Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation Award and the Solve Community.

He also contributes to leading research publications in the rising biomedical sector of Bangladesh, and has publications in other electromechanical systems such as robotics.

Shovon aspires to work in the Autonomous Vehicles industry to be able to contribute in the development of systems that will make roads safer ultimately working towards Level 5 autonomy someday.


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